HIRO and OncoRay lecture series 2017/2018

Radiation research and radiooncology are highly interdisciplinary fields, involving close cooperation between experts in medicine, biology, physics, engineering and computer science. These disciplines are brought together within the National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology (NCRO).

A central aim of the NCRO is to train junior scientists in interdisciplinary research, by equipping them with essential prerequisites for productive scientific cooperation: active communication between researchers and a solid understanding of the research field. The lecture series “Radiation Research in Oncology” aims to address these goals with 18 talks over the course of 2 years. They are given by lecturers on site in Heidelberg or Dresden, and can also be attended at the partner site via a live video stream. The lectures are aimed at a general audience with the goal of providing an overview of each of a wide range of topics relevant to radiooncological research, including in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, physics and technology. 

Talks in this lecture series are open to anyone who is interested, but are particularly aimed at PhD students at the NCRO.


  • Heidelberg: Large seminar room, ATV building (room A01.106), ground floor, Im Neuenheimer Feld 242, Heidelberg
  • Dresden: Seminar room 1, ground floor, OncoRay, Händelallee 26, building 130, 01309 Dresden

Time: 17:00 – 18:30